Next Meeting

Itís springtime folks. March 23rd we will be holding the bi-annual meeting at the Patrick Baca Library community room on 8081 Central NW at Unser St. west of I-25. Meeting begins at 11:00 am. There will be discussion on adding ALLSTAR into the link as backup during outages as well as other issues with the system. We need to vacate by 12:30 and then we will cruise over to the feeding frenzy at a fine place that Gerry got us as well.

Gerry reserved the restaurant group room. No charge. 12:30-2 ~20 people.
1134 Mountain Rd NW
Covina Azul Mexican Food

We really hope to have a nice turn out especially from the folks that usually canít make it down to El PASO.

Martin WB5LJO

System Status

We are currently aware of these issues:

1. The Caballo peak back bone radio is a Motorola MSF rather than the standard Kenwood. It developed a Power OUT issue, and went into alarm. Currently, the PA is by-passed, and it is operatiing off the exciter in overide mode. It is kind of serving the purpose at this point and some day will get repaired.


All JPARA and Cactus members are invited to check into the Morning net. Our system covers many time zones, so check with your local group to find out what time the net is locally. The net is hosted by Tom, AB7IC, and Jerry N5IMJ. We routinely have check-in's from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

This is an informal Roll-call style net. It affords us the opportunity to check our linking status, and confirm all remote base sites are in working order. Plus. we just get to say good morning to the group. Start you day off with a big ol' Cactus Smile.

So, if you are a member and are up early, stop by and say hello

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